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We Commit To Our Clients

  • Competitive pricing
  • The highest standard of work
  • Effective project management
  • Dedicated staff
  • Safety monitoring
  • Environmental Policy – Reduce and Recycle

Areas we service

  • Sydney City CBD
  • Sydney Eastern Suburbs
  • South Sydney
  • Sydney Inner West
  • North Shore
  • North Sydney

Residential Demolition Sydney CBD and Sydney Metro Areas

Tip Top Trash carries out demolition work Sydney wide. We service the Sydney City (CBD) area and surrounding Suburbs.

Demolition and site clean up services

Tip Top Trash offers Demolition services with a complete Rubbish Removal and Cleanup Service.

  • Domestic / Residential Demolitions
  • Garage Demolitions
  • Shed Demolitions
  • Partial Demolitions
  • Concrete removal/slabs/driveways
  • Tight access works
  • Site clean up and Rubbish removal

Before any demolition activities, we can assess your premises and give you a quotation on your site-specific work.

The typical demolition of a building is accomplished as follows and includes a safety and work plan:

  • Assess the work site and materials
  • Remove all hazardous or dangerous materials
  • Removal of roof structure if required
  • Demolish the remaining structure
  • Removal of all rubbish by our expert rubbish team
  • All recyclable materials are taken to recycling yards
  • Clean up the site and ensure area is safe

Residential Demolitions

Tip Top Trash is experienced in Residential Demolition services for partial demolition and non-structural demolitions for all kinds of residential buildings including Weatherboard Homes, Brick or Brick/Veneer Houses, Small Structures, Swimming Pools, Driveways, Garage Demolition and Shed Demolition. If you are a renovator and require a partial demolition and rubbish removal service, we can safely preserve the existing part of your original home safely. We have Tight access ability making your home demolition easy.

Our knowledge, combined with our Rubbish Removal Service, means we can offer a complete one-stop demolition service for renovating or rebuilding your house or property. If you are in the market to demolish and rebuild, please call Tip Top, we have the experience and capabilities for fast and cost efficient Demolition and Rubbish Removal Services in all Sydney Suburbs.

Demolitions are done either manually or mechanically. We are experts in small projects making the process fast, efficient, affordable and safe. We will knock down your existing structures and take all materials away leaving you with a clean site.

Demolition Standards

Our team are fully trained staff and take all safety precautions, we are there to get the job done quickly and safely. Your job will receive our professionalism, no matter what size your job is. Our team will operate with the strictest safety precautions to ensure your site and the surrounding area is safe during demolition and after site clean up.


We pride ourselves in being an Environmentally Friendly Business and recycle of all building materials and even offer tank removal service.

Residential Demolition Cost

Cost will vary depending on the nature of your project. In residential areas, various safety aspects need to be addressed but we guarantee competitive rates and a professional service - you only pay for what you need!

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If you are thinking of demolishing your house or other structures on your property, please contact us for an obligation FREE Demolition and clean up quote.

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